June 4, 2020



With the whole nation, spiritual Israel suddenly found plenty of time on hand, in fact too much. Here is a solemn lesson and a dire warning from the example of ancient Israel as to what they did when Moses and Joshua went up to Mt. Sinai to receive the Law from God:

“While Moses was absent, it was a time of WAITING and SUSPENSE to Israel. The people KNEW that he had ascended the mount with Joshua, and had entered the cloud of thick darkness. which could be seen in the plain below, resting in the mountain peak, illuminated from time to time with the lightning of the divine presence.”

“They WAITED eagerly for his return. ACCUSTOMED as they had been in Egypt to MATERIAL REPRESENTATIONS of deity, it had been HARD for them to trust an INVISIBLE being, and they had come to rely upon Moses to sustain their faith. Now he was taken from them. [take note of that].

“Day after day, week after week, passed, and still he did not return. Notwithstanding the  CLOUD was still in view, it seemed to many in the camp that their leader had deserted them, or that he had been consumed by the devouring fire.”

“During the period of waiting there was TIME TO MEDITATE UPON THE LAW of God which had been HEARD, and to prepare their HEARTS for further REVELATIONS that He might make to them.”

“They have none too much time for this work; and had they been SEEKING a clearer understanding of God’s requirements, and humbling their hearts before Him, they would have been SHIELDED from temptation.”

“But they did not do this, and they SOON became careless, inattentive and lawless. Especially was this the case with the ‘mixed multitude’ [half-breeds, meztizos resulting from intermarriage between Israelites with Egyptians or spiritual half-converts]. They were IMPATIENT to be in their way to the land of promise,-the land flowing with milk and honey.”

“It was only on condition of OBEDIENCE that the goodly land was promised them; but they had LOST sight of this. There were some who suggested a RETURN to Egypt [ a return to the things and entertainments of the world, etc.], but whether forward to Canaan or backward to Egypt, the masses of the people were determined to WAIT NO LONGER for Moses.” Patriarchs & Prophets, p. 315.

Moses is  a type of Christ as the Lawgiver. What have we been doing with God’s law while home quarantining to mitigate the corona virus spread? Have we become so bored while waiting for the country to “open up”? Or become impatient that Jesus has not yet returned? If so, be alarmed because Israel became ultra vulnerable to temptation and turned to idolatry!   NMF