Unchain Your Heart from Worry and Fear

Friday Morning Manna         

March 27, 2020

Nathaniel Fajardo              

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Unchain Your Heart from Worry and Fear

    “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind” (1 Tim. 1: 7).

People are Afraid’: Sen. Kamala Harris on What the Government Should Do About the Coronavirus & Life in one of the Epicenters.”: Sean Neuman, People, March 23, 2020.

Dear fellow Bible-believing Christians. Be honest. Are you worried and fearful because of this mysterious sudden emergence as if from nowhere (the blame-game is on) of this novel (new) corona virus that rapidly evolved into a global pandemic overnight, as it were like no other known previous to it—catching all flat-footed, instantly revealing how proud and self-confident finite mortals are and yet how shamefully and clumsily unprepared they are to deal with the bigger and greater catastrophes, calamities and conflicts that will be played out in the biggest stage and theater of the world.

They thought they were in charge and in control of their destinies. But just look at the glum, stunned, confused and strained look on their faces. And to think that the bigger and the worst is yet to come before the best finally arrives! Yes, that is everything, everyone, and every grand and majestic, seemingly invincible world institution and behemoths of enlightenment, power, strength and ability spanning the whole spectrum of humanity ranging from the governments of the greatest and most powerful and prosperous nations, to the vaunted authorities on all forms of sciences and technology to the savants of the business and finance, and so sadly, the least you would expect—the religions and churches of the world, Christianity in particular! The latter, as should be rightfully expected, since all claim to be followers of one Jesus Christ (if that is factually true), should have had some kind of a common, collective, calm and coherent response.  But that was not the case. (Maybe precisely because religious liberty guarantees individual convictions) If at all, it became open season for all kinds of conspiracy theories and distorted, paranoid and self-serving prophetic interpretations. By the way, all this confusion was prophesied as well.

So, if, honestly, you are worried and afraid, that is totally understandable. The world is, for that’s the way of the world. But this is definitely not God’s way and therefore should not and must not be the way chosen by God’s people at this very moment in time.

Now, take your life and freedom back today. The will, the power of choice, is the governing power in the rational mind of man. God created this unique power and baked it into man’s nature. Animals don’t have it; they function through instincts. Use it wisely to your advantage as it was so designed. Thank God, even in this fallen state, there are more things controllable by the power of choice than there are to “circumstances beyond control.” In such instances and situations, let God control. He is infinitely stronger than those “uncontrollable circumstances” and its “temper tantrums.”  Don’t choose to remain imprisoned in the dark dungeons of worry and fear. You cannot live and feel fancy free. Unchain yourself by the same power of choice you might have temporarily surrendered, reclaim it and break free in the Great Escape from the Alcatraz of Debilitating Worry and Fear. 

Worry is blind and fear is a tyrant. They cause morbidity and rob you not only of the joy of living but weighs you down from performing freely, effectively and efficiently your duty to God and to your fellowmen. It also disables you from doing what Christ taught, warned and modeled by personal example for His disciples to emulate when the prophesied times of crises and tests come, namely:

     (1) being a spiritual citadel of strength and tower of power in times, places and occasions of desperation where and when “men’s hearts are failing them for fear, and for  looking after those things which are coming from the earth” (Luke 21: 26, KJV). 

     (2) being a spiritual lighthouse, sending forth cheerful gleams of light across the dark stormy waves to some fainting and desperate mariners in the sea of life, helping to guide their vessels towards the safe havens of the shore beyond the sea.

Such power and light come from within not without, but only if the mighty power emanating from the Light of life is the Battery powering-up the engine of the soul.

By now, so very near the end of the journey in mortality, as the warning lights on the prophetic dashboard shows, we should have learned that no matter how much preparation we make, there will always be unexpected situations that will arise. If and when they do, quickly fill up those “gaps” and “holes” and even “cracks with the super-efficient “spackling” or “glue” of living faith—the substance and quality of which were formed and inured in the fiery furnaces of living experience, learning terrible lessons in righteousness—both of the loving mercy and righteous justice of a living God.

Live today, and each day, one at a time thereafter only, not under the shadow of the dark side of the cross but on the bright, sunny side of His resurrection. That’s what the lyrics “He Lives,” and “I Serve a Living Savior” mean. But don’t just sing it like professional singers do it so wonderfully; rather, believe it and live it. Let your whole life and being itself be the vocal cords reverberating in that sound box of your heaving chest, filled with God’s power and love, sing it out loud even more wonderfully! Remember: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind” (1 Tim. 1: 7).

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob “works in mysterious ways,” specially during mysterious times, such as this coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, “in times like these, let Him work freely, unfettered by any doubts, fears and vacillating faith. Keep the lanes unclogged and open and watch Him soar through and make a spectacular, thunderous “dunks” to your delight and others as well. Let Him “demystify” His mysterious ways then sit back and enjoy the blessings of healing, peace, calmness, a clear mind, joy and happiness in the Lord in stark contrast to those around you are thinking and acting out the very opposite! This is how to “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5: 14).

I thank God I still can channel these thoughts to you, Corona-virus infection free, just for today till sunset. Tomorrow, is not just another day but the blessed Sabbath day. But even with that singular distinction, tomorrow is never guaranteed, the Sabbath is. If you truly prepare your hearts today, the preparation day for tomorrow’s Sabbath day, the day itself may not dawn on you or me for tomorrow is not promised but the Sabbath as an institution, has been since creation, and will be from day of the grand redemption when Christ finally returns, which is sooner now, will the exact same worship day of His saints “from one Sabbath to another” from eternity to eternity. God never changes. He is in full control. Have no worry nor fear for what man or the devil can do!

(To be continued next week, God willing)