Historical Details of the Prophecies Presaging the Advent Movement

FRIDAY MORNING MANNA              December 21, 2018 

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Historical Details of the Prophecies Presaging the Advent Movement         


The true symbol of the United States of America is not the Bald Eagle—it’s the pendulum. And when it goes too far in one direction, it is going to swing back.”

No, the symbol of America is neither the Bald Eagle nor a pendulum! According to Bible prophecy America was designated only one symbol filled with profound meaning: “Another beast with lamb-like horns that will speak like a dragon.” See Revelation 13: 11, 12. The quote above is by Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RGB for short), the oldest (85 years old) the three current female Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, quoting her late husband and fellow lawyer, Marty Ginsberg: interview with NPR’s Nina Totenberg following screening of RBG’s own biopic, “On the Basis of Sex,” reported by Amy Zimmerman, Daily Beast, 12-18-18.