Mid-week Manna


March 6, 2024


It was sin, the transgression of God’s immutable law, that necessitated the Cross of Christ the incarnated Creator and Lawgiver, whereby He would “magnify the law and make it honorable” (Isa. 8:20).

We launch this series with an excerpt from the Introduction of “The Cross and Its Shadow” by Stephen Haskell, published 1914 (emphasis mine):

“In the government of God, law is the basis upon which everything is made to rest. Law is the foundation of God’s throne, the stability of His government and character, and the expression of His love and wisdom. 

 “Disobedience of this law caused the fall of LUCIFER [into Satan, ‘the enemy of God and man’] and his host [one third of the angels in heaven]. Disobedience to God’s commands by ADAM and EVE opened the floodgates of woe upon the world, and plunged the whole human family into impenetrable [spiritual] darkness. 

“But divine love has conceived a plan whereby man might be REDEEMED. This plan was revealed in [the first prophecy and] promise, ‘I will put ENMITY between thee [the serpent as the first disguise and medium of Satan] and the woman [Eve, then Mary, as a symbol of the true woman-church of the ages against which “the dragon makes war with,” and between thy seed [the children of disobedience] and her seed [Christ first, then the faithful of the seven churches during the Christian Era, then the end-time  “remnant of her Seed who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus,’ Rev. 12: 17; cf. 19:10]; It [the ‘Seed’ Christ Jesus] shall bruise thy [Satan’s] head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.” Gen. 3:15, KJV. 

“Since the divine law is as sacred as Himself, only one equal with God could make atonement [or ‘propitiation’] for its transgression. Hence, the seed of the woman could refer to none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. In this promise to our first parents a GLEAM OF HOPE PENETRATED THE GLOOM that enveloped the minds of the [now] sinful pair, and when A SYSTEM OF SACRIFICE was made known to them that DEMANDED THE LIFE OF AN INNOCENT VICTIM, they could see more clearly the IMPORT of the promise [and prototypical prophecy],—-that it involved the DEATH OF GOD’S DEAR SON TO ATONE FOR THEIR SIN AND MEET THE CLAIMS OF THE BROKEN LAW. 

“Through this system of sacrifices, THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS reached back to the beginning [of the first-ever lamb offered at Eden, its skin used by God to cover the naked bodies of Adam and Eve which they tried to cover in vain with literal fig leaves, representing their own works of a bloodless sacrifice]. 

“It was the REFLECTION FROM THE CROSS that reached back to the [long-lived[ ANTEDILUVIAN AGE, and kept alive the hope of the FAITHFUL FEW in those years of weary waiting. It was faith in the CROSS [of Christ’s future sacrifice at Calvary] that sustained NOAH and his family during that terrible experience when God was punishing the world [with the Flood] for the TRANSGRESSION OF HIS HOLY LAW.

 “It was a knowledge of the CROSS and its significance that caused ABRAHAM to forsake his country, his kindred, and his father’s house, and sojourn with his sons in a land of strangers. It is written of him, ‘He believed in the Lord [and His promised sacrifice prefigured in the typical sacrificial offerings and animals, lambs in particular] and He accounted it to him for righteousness.’ 

“In prophetic vision, MOSES was permitted to see the CROSS OF CHRIST, and understand more fully the significance of the BRAZEN SERPENT he lifted up in the wilderness for the healing of the people. It was this view that took away the STING of punishment of his own sin [of striking the rock twice in anger over Israel’s incessant murmuring and complaining,  instead of once as God instructed him], and reconciled him to the decree that, ‘he must die in the mount, and be gathered [buried] with his people.’ 

“The simple system of sacrifices instituted by the Lord in the beginning to SYMBOLIZE, or PREFIGURE, CHRIST, was almost totally LOST SIGHT OF during the BONDAGE of the children of Israel in Egypt. Upon their return to Canaan [after the 40-year wilderness wandering] Moses, by divine direction, gave them a MORE ELABORATE SYSTEM, designated in the Scriptures as the ‘SANCTUARY AND ITS SERVICES.’ This earthly  sanctuary, with EVERY MINUTIA of its construction, equipment, and service, was to be built and operated in harmony with THE PATTERN OF THE HEAVENLY [Sanctuary] shown to him in Mount Sinai. 

Every form, ceremony, and detail of this service had a significance, and was designed to give the WORSHIPPER a more complete understanding of the GREAT REMEDIAL SYSTEM [of the true and whole gospel of Jesus Christ!].” (end of excerpt)

To be continued next MWM, God willing. Bless all, NMF.