Uncontrollable Forces Waiting

Friday Morning Manna

May 29, 2020

Nathaniel Fajardo email:

‘Uncontrollable Forces Waiting’

The nation and the whole world is ‘testing the waters.’ In fits and starts, afflicted, inflicted and conflicted America, sharing the same lot with the rest of the edgy, wary and weary world is “testing the waters” to see how quickly and widely it can “open up” and rescue its rapidly-sinking economy—the other pecuniary half of the health pandemic, — without prematurely reactivating a more devastating “second wave” by this fall, as feared by the health scientists.

With sustained physical (more practical than “social”) distancing, using masks (which unsurprisingly has been turned into a “novel” fashion item, or weaponized as political statement), and other aggressive yet so common-sense sanitary and cleansing protocols to mitigate the pandemic, the much-sought after covid-19 test and contact-tracing novel mechanism, is to reveal and hopefully contain and control the spread of infection of this no-longer novel virus, until either a super vaccine, “herd immunity” is acquired on a national scale or a highly improbable permanent “cure” is found.