Mid-week Manna


February 7, 2024

Satan’s Deceptions
Part 7


Before we peel back the many-layered coverings, “scales,” skins,” and “hides” Satan’s deception are camouflaged and hiding under, let’s remember this solemn warning, especially those described in Revelation 3 – as spiritually-lukewarm Christians, or those who confidently say, “I am already saved” for “once saved, always saved,” or “I have been baptized and my name is already in the church books and written in heaven’s book of life,” etc.

“Satan rejoices when he can lead souls to follow MISTAKEN IDEAS, UNTIL THEIR NAMES ARE BLOTTED OUT from the book of life and recorded in the names of the UNJUST.

 “We can overcome only in the way Christ overcame—by WHOLEHEARTED OBEDIENCE to every commandment of God [not just the fourth!]. 

  “TRUE RELIGION is obedience to all the commandments of God. . . . 

“We should keep EVER BEFORE US the fact that time is  short. Iniquity [sin; transgression of God’s law] is increasing on every hand. The RIGHTEOUS [the commandment-keeping saints of Rev. 14:12] are set as LIGHTS 

in the world. Through them the GLORY of God [His character which is transcribed in His law] is to be revealed to the world.

“Keep ever before you the SOLEMN EVENTS OF THE FUTURE—-the great review of Judgment and the coming of Christ. You and your family are to PREPARE for that day.” -E.G. White, Letter 92, Nov. 9, 1911.

Jesus promised His true disciples then and now that He would “go” to the Father after His resurrection “to PREPARE A PLACE for them that “WHEREVER I am THERE you may be ALSO” (John 14: 1-3, KJV).

The true and faithful, patiently-enduring commandment-keeping saints of these last days identified in Rev. 14:12, are Christ’s human ambassador “angel-messengers” who are His co-laborers on earth, functioning under the unction of the Holy Spirit, helping to swell to the loud cry earth’s final three-fold warning messages. They are simultaneously also intellectually and spiritually PREPARING their characters for “that day.”

Q. What “day” is here meant?
ANS. “The day of the Lord,” meaning, first, the antitypical DAY of atonement of the pre-advent investigative judgment that is now going forward in the most holy in the heavenly sanctuary that begun in 1844 where “our lives are passing in review. This is where it is eternally determined who are truly and fully fitted-up character wise, sealed in their foreheads, ready either to be raised in the “resurrection of the just” and the special resurrection, or translated, numbered among the 144, 000 in “whom there is no guile,” to finally see Jesus face to face in that “DAY and hour” of His actual appearing in all His glory with rapturous joy, after the seventh and last plague.

Are you and I preparing for this “day” of final reckonings? Not if we are heedlessly, presumptuously, or carelessly “following” any of the last day conspiratorial and esoteric “errors” of Satan’s unnumbered schemes and deceptions!
“”Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation.”

To be continued next MWM, God willing. Bless all, NMF.