Mid-week Manna

Part 6

February 8, 2023

Part 6

If you haven’t yet heard it preached (or emphasized) or realized from your own Bible study the miraculous empowerment produced by the implantation of the Creator’s ENMITY in the Savior’s GRACE imparted by the Holy Spirit to the human —-that results in the greatest of miracles and it’s nature, we will learn more of this awesome truth of the gospel in this dedicated series. God’s end-time servant-messenger wrote and I quote below (all emphasis and bracketed words mine]:

“Every miracle that Christ performed was a sign of His divinity. He was doing the very work that had been foretold [prophesied] of the [coming] Messiah; but to the Pharisees these works of mercy were a positive OFFENSE. [Why?] The Jewish leaders looked with heartless indifference on human suffering. In many cases their SELFISHNESS and OPPRESSION had caused the AFFLICTION that Christ relieved [by miraculous healing]. Thus His miracles were to them a REPROACH.

 “That which led the Jews to REJECT the Savior’s work was the HIGHEST EVIDENCE of His divine character. The GREATEST SIGNIFICANCE of His miracles is seen in the fact that they were for the BLESSING of humanity. The highest evidence that HE CAME FROM GOD is that HIS LIFE revealed the character of God. He did the WORKS and spoke the WORDS of God. SUCH A LIFE IS THE GREATEST OF MIRACLES.

 “When message of TRUTH is presented in OUR DAY, there are many, who, like the Jews [in Christ’s day], cry, ‘Show us a sign. Work us a miracle.’ Christ wrought NO miracle at the demand of the PHARISEES [religious leaders of the nation]. He wrought NO miracles in the wilderness [of temptation] in answer to SATAN’S insinuations. He does not impart to us power to VINDICATE OURSELVES or to SATISFY THE DEMANDS OF UNBELIEF OR PRIDE. 

 “But the gospel is NOT WITHOUT A SIGN of its divine origin. [What is it?] Is it not a MIRACLE that we can BREAK FROM the bondage to Satan [and slavery to sin, sinful habits and lifestyle, indulging and excusing rcherished carnal desires and self-centered pleasures, etc.]. 

 “ENMITY AGAINST SATAN IS NOT NATURAL TO THE HUMAN HEART; IT IS IMPLANTED BY THE GRACE OF GOD. When one who has been controlled by a stubborn, wayward will is set free and yields himself WHOLEHEARTEDLY [not grudgingly or with murmuring] to the drawing of God’s heavenly agencies, a miracle is wrought; so ALSO when a man who had been UNDER STRONG DELUSION comes to understand MORAL TUTH. 

“Every time a soul is converted, and learns to LOVE GOD AND KEEPS HIS COMMANDMENTS, the promise of God is fulfilled, ‘A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I PUT within you.’ Eze. 36:26. 

 “The CHANGE in the human heart, the TRANSFORMATION of human characters, is a miracle that reveals an EVER-LIVING SAVIOR, working to rescue souls. A CONSISTENT LIFE IN CHRIST IS A GREAT MIRACLE. 

 “In the PREACHING of the word of God, THE SIGN THAT SHOULD BE MANIFEST NOW AND ALWAYS, is the PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit, to make the word a REGENERATING POWER to those that HEAR. This is God’s WITNESS before the world to the divine mission of His Son.” -Desire of Ages, pp. 406-7, Pacific Press Publishing, April, 1950. 

So dear friend, “Today, if you will HEAR His voice,” speaking to your conscience, “harden not your heart.” Tomorrow is not promised. Now is your day of opportunity.

Bless all, NMF.