September 29, 2020



“Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Cor. 15:57.

“Victories are not gained by ceremonies or display, but by simple obedience to the highest General, the Lord God of heaven. He who trusts [and obeys] this Leader [the ‘great I Am,’ ‘the Lord of hosts,’ ‘the mighty God and Prince of peace,’ ‘the Lion of the tribe of Judah,’ ‘the King of kings and Lord of lords’] will never know defeat!

Here’s the thing. “The largest share of the annoyances of life, it’s DAILY corroding cares, it’s heartaches, it’s irritations, is a result of TEMPER uncontrolled. [intemperance, the opposite of temperance, one of the ‘fruits of the Spirit’].

“The government of SELF [not the nation!] is the best government in the world. By putting on the ‘ornaments of a meek and quiet spirit’ [not the silver, gold and diamond bling blings], NINETY NINE out of a hundred of the troubles which so terribly EMBITTER life might be saved!

“The natural man [with the yet-carnal heart and mind] must die, and the ‘new man,’ Christ Jesus, take possession of the soul, so that the follower of Jesus may say in verity and in truth: ‘I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me.’ (Gal. 2:20).

“Self is so difficult to conquer! Human depravity in every form is not easily ‘brought into subjection to the Spirit of Christ. But all should be IMPRESSED with the fact that UNLESS THIS VICTORY IS GAINED THROUGH CHRIST [dwelling within], there is no hope for them.

“The victory can be gained; for NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God. By His ASSISTING GRACE, all evil temper, all human depravity, may be OVERCOME. You may be overcomers IF you will, in the name of Christ, take hold of the WORK [of overcoming by grace] decidedly [not hesitatingly or with a double-mind].

“The temptations of Satan are greater NOW than ever before; for ‘he knows his time is short,’ and that VERY SOON every case will be decided, either for life or death. It is NO TIME now to sink down beneath DISCOURAGEMENT and TRIAL: we must bear up [as soldiers in God’s army] under all our afflictions, and TRUST wholly in the Almighty God Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

“His Grace is sufficient for all our trials; and although they are GREATER than ever before, yet if we trust WHOLLY in God, we can overcome every temptation and through His grace come off as victorious!” (E. G. White, God’s Amazing Grace, p. 39).  God bless all, NMF