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Study for the Month July 2010: The 1290 and 1335 Days of Daniel (Page 2)

The Prophetic Time Period of 1260 years

Next, we need to review the time period referred to as “a thousand two hundred and three score days” which is referred to in three forms in the books of Daniel and Revelation, as follows:


As “a thousand two hundred and three score days,” — Rev. 11:3; 12: 6.

As “42 months.” —Rev. 11:2 and 13: 5.

As “three and a half times.” — Dan. 7: 25 and 12: 7, and Rev. 12: 14.

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Study for the Month of June 2010: The Four Group Resurrections (Page 4)

3. The General Resurrection

 All who have studied these truths know when the general resurrection takes place—at Christ’s glorious second coming—which is the hope of all ages starting from Adam. Enoch prophesied of the second coming way back in his time. Jude 14, 15. They will come from all places of the earth—graves, caverns, caves, dungeons, scaffolds, prison houses, etc., etc.,—-“a great multitude, which no man could number of all nations, kindred, and people, and tongues.” These are all who died in Christ, whether by faith during the Old Testament times where and when the animal sacrifices symbolized the perfect atoning sacrifice of Christ, or during the New Testament dispensation when all believed and died in faith on the complete efficacy of the actual sacrifice and blood shed at Calvary for the forgiveness and cleansing of all sin; the former shed at Calvary, the latter during His closing work as High Priest in the most holy of the heavenly sanctuary.

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Study for the Month of June 2010: The Four Group Resurrections (Page 3)

The Twenty-four Elders: Who are they?

 Three men are definitely already in heaven: Enoch, Moses, and Elijah. Question: Are they perhaps part of the twenty-four elders (Rev. 4: 4, 10; 5: 5, 6, 8, 11, 14 7: 11,13; 11:16; 14: 3; 19: 4) included in the session of the investigative or pre-advent judgment began in 1844, the termination of the 2300-day prophecy of Daniel 8:14?

Uriah Smith in his Daniel and the Revelation, pp. 409-10 says this regarding the 24 elders:

“Who are these beings who surround the throne of glory? It will be observed that they are clothed in white raiment and have on their heads crowns of gold, which are tokens of both a conflict completed and a victory gained. From this we conclude that they were once participants in the Christian warfare, they once trod the earthly way with all saints; but they have been overcomers, and in advance of the great multitude of the redeemed, are wearing their victor crowns in the heavenly world. Indeed, they plainly tell us this in the song of praise which they ascribe to the Lamb [Rev. 5: 9 quoted]. . . .

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Study for the Month of June 2010: The Four Group Resurrections (Page 2)

1.The Special Group Resurrected with Christ


Referring to Matt. 27: 50-53, Ellen G. White, says (emphasis mine):

“When Jesus, as He hung upon the cross, cried out, ‘It is finished,’ the rocks rent, the earth shook, and some of the graves were shaken open; for when Jesus arose from the dead, and conquered death and the grave; when He walked forth from His prison house a triumphant conqueror; while the earth was reeling and shaking, and the excellent glory of heaven clustered around the sacred spot, obedient to His call, many of the righteous dead came forth as witnesses that He had risen. These favored resurrected saints came forth glorified. They were a few chosen and holy ones who had lived in every age from creation, even down to the days of Christ [4,00 years]. And while the chief priests were seeking to cover up the resurrection of Christ, God chose to bring up a company from their graves to testify that Jesus had risen, and to declare His glory.

Monthly Studies

Study for the Month of June 2010: The Four Group Resurrections

Study for the Month of June 2010

 The Four Group Resurrections

 By Nathaniel Fajardo

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ASIDE from the resurrection of certain individuals, the Bible reveals four group resurrections, namely:


  1. The saints who came up in the resurrection of Christ.
  1. The special resurrection which takes place at voice of God, opening up the seventh plague, Daniel 12: 1, 2; Rev. 17:7-21.
  1. The general resurrection of all the sleeping saint when Christ comes
  1. The resurrection of the wicked