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Study for the Month of February 2013

Study for the Month of February 2013

The Papacy Series- Part I

Nathaniel Fajardo
email: [email protected]


First, What is the Papacy? – Many mistake the person of the pope as the Papacy itself, which pope, Protestants in the past have identified as either “the man of sin,” the antichrist,” or “the beast” of prophecy. More accurately, the Papacy, according to Webster’s Dictionary, Student Edition, 1976, refers to four things, namely “(1) the position or authority of the pope (2) the period during which the pope rules (3) the line of succession of popes (4) the government of the Roman Catholic Church, headed by the pope.”

The First Catholic U.S. President. – Thus, when one specific pope (or specific American President) is singled out by using unproven prophetic calculations as the one who brings about the long-anticipated U. S. –initiated National Sunday Law that shortly becomes globally enacted and enforced by all churches and governments (Revelation 13: 1-18), difficulties are encountered which clearly expose this faulty prophetic interpretation. For instance, when John F. Kennedy was elected as the 35th U.S. president, the youngest to be elected to office at the age of 43, the first Roman Catholic U.S. president, certain quarters in the Adventist community and others thought he was going to be the one to initiate the Sunday law while in office.